Dryad, Vampyr, Coven...

Its been a grip.

Two new stories in the London folklore series that started with Dryad, N4 are now up on Londnr

Vampyr, N6  is a bleakly comic horror set in the verdant wilderness of Highgate cemetery

Coven, SW9 is  a quick romp as we see some witches facing the patriarchy in Brixton market

There are a couple more to come in this series, and a few longer pieces now completed (but we will see what form their release takes)


What else? An opportunity has arisen to pitch something a bit different in form, which I am very excited about- even if it goes nowhere, the act in and of itself is gratifying. It will be in collaboration with some cool people I've worked with previously, and we are getting the gears in motion. 

Aside from that? Secret projects and machinations! There is the thing with the android and the violence and the pumpkin seeds, the thing with the antlers, the thing with the horse and the water and the salt, and a few others besides.

Reading- The Three-Body problem by Cixin Liu, Ninefox Gambit by Yoon Ha Lee

Listening- Black Byrd by Donald Byrd