Ghost, CR5; Austrian Cinephiles; Delayed Audio

Cane Hill Asylum sat in south London for decades, in turn bustling and desolate. It is a place with the peculiar geography of reality that fiction often lacks; lens-crafters in the tunnels below; fire and urban explorers; grave pits. It is the setting of a story of mine recently published on Ghost, CR5. This story is the 4th in the series of London Folklore pieces I've been commissioned to write. I've been researching and writing about folklore from different angles (Scottish, British, and global) for a few years and its been a recurring theme in my work. This series has offered the chance to dig deep into London specifically, and has been incredibly interesting to research and fun to write.

Great news about the Audiophile short film- it has been selected for the K3 Film Festival in Austria where it will be having its international premiere on December 15th. Those guys did an incredible job. We are aiming to submit this to a variety of film festivals over the coming year so fingers crossed it keeps building momentum. I'm working with Emanuele, who directed the short film based on Audiophile, on a new project- it is ambitious and fun but for now, hush hush.

I've finished recording Episode 2 of PENCAST with Sean Preston, so that will hopefully be dropping shortly. It is delayed, of course, so delayed. The aim was to publish with the quarterly issues of OpenPen magazine, but with the rate of audio submissions (and the rate of me getting my act together) it is more sporadic than I had ever dared worry about. It will arrive in due course, packed to the gills with lovely ficiton.

It isn't work if you enjoy it.

READING: The Old Ways by Robert Macfarlane- a beautiful book 

LISTENING: Hamilton (Broadway cast recordings)