July July July

What to say? It is busy, it is always busy, and that it good.

As mentioned previously, I was at Josie Long's Lost Treasures of the Black Heart up in Camden a few weeks ago- I read a short story called Highgate, currently unpublished elsewhere. The reaction was great, and it was a really fun night. I'll be there again in October, but check it out as soon as you can- it is always a good night. If you want to read Highgate, well, you can't! Not yet, anyway...

The piece for the horror anthology has finally pupated into its true form, and it is pretty weird. I am looking forward to seeing how people react, and there should be a launch party in October with readings and booze and whatnot organised by The Pigeonhole. If you haven't heard of them, they are the people currently causing a ruckus on the publishing scene. Lovely people.

What else? I'm filming a reading of an older, published piece of mine for a project that is still hush hush, but could be very fun. Got to get the accent out there, it is perhaps my only selling point.

Upcoming- got a submission deadline for an anthology I'm hopeful about in a few weeks, and the pieces are slowly coming together for novel number two. Novel number one is still languishing in the inboxes and postrooms of many, but it is time to start moving forward. This time, less insanity and weird structural devices, and more monster rampages.

Other things:

My mate Dave just published his debut novel Rickshaw which is funny and heartbreaking. Go read it.

You can hear me and some guys playing D&D (7 episodes now) over at The Lost Lighthouse.