The jab is followed by a cross

Oh boy, movement in so many directions.

Highgate will be in the No Alibi Press short story collection coming out in June (more details to follow).

Drafts on the fantasy novel continue, from the skeletal draft one there is now the muscular draft two, sinews and tendons and vasculature firmly in place. Had feedback from a couple of lovely alpha readers. Draft two will go to a larger cohort of beta readers . It is my favourite piece I’ve ever written. So the summer will be spent tweaking and adjusting, finessing and preparing.

Unexpectedly, an older piece I wrote several years ago (gulls, madness, snow, fire) that has languished in a drawer has received a little attention after a harsh butcher’s block edit. Enough attention from a couple of directions to make me consider it again as perhaps something that may yet see the light.

Work has been hectic, at one point I was in Spain, America, Italy, then back to Spain in the course of a month. Despite that the edits rolled on, and now I am more stationary I can turn the heat up.

I also walked the Cape Wrath Trail, 230 miles of peat bogs, moors, mountains and glens. It was fantastic- the time to think at length, with no distraction but the next placement of a foot, the next view of blue sky and granite.

LISTENING: In League With Dragons by The Mountain Goats

READING: Spaceman of Bohemia by Jaroslav Kalfar

PLAYING: FF7 was just released on the Switch, and I am a weak man. Looking forward to finding a chocobo