HELLO. October? Already? Of course. It is time for spooky stories! Check out the writing tab, specifically the stories HAAR, the Londnr Folklore series (GHOST, COVEN, DRYAD, VAMPYR). THE OSSUARY TRACT is the most hardcore horror I’ve written (interdimensional emotion vampires hidden in stories), a novelette of about ten thousand words originally published by The Pigeonhole. Unfortunately that book is now out of print- but I’ve regained all the rights! Considering alternate homes for it now. I love October.

What is up? Major personal news. It is some pretty wild stuff, will announce properly when dust is settled, but the short version is relocation and a lot more time to write over the next four years. I’m also going to Maine shortly, so going to hit up Salem and some deep dark forests.

WRITING. DRAFT 3 of the fantasy novel is a couple days from completion, following some beautiful feedback from my beta readers. This is the one I’m taking to agents, so fingers crossed. submitted a few short stories but outside of work all of my focus is on these edits. Can’t wait to get this out there in the world.

PLAYING- Untitled Goose Game. it is wonderful

LISTENING- Pity Boy by Mal Blum. It absolutely slaps

Reading- Boundless by R.A. Salvatore. Book 32 of the Drizzt series, and gosh it has made me fear wasps

The Ainu Iomante ceremony (bear sending). Japanese scroll painting, circa 1870..jpg