Production notes

A few months of concentration has yeilded some very cool results!

I've seen the first edit of the short story video project I mentioned previously- It's looking very cool, can't wait to tellk you more about it.

I'm now one of the co-hosts on the pop culture podcast The Weekly Rapture, hosted by The Lost Lighthouse (Who also host our D&D podcast Total Reroll).

I have also been continuing my series of book reviews for The Lost Lighthouse, most recently I reviewed Dodge & Burn by Seraphina Madsen.

What else what else? A few cool short story projects based around audio are in production and underway, there is a tentative short film of one of my old pieces in pre-pre-pre-production, and as always I'm writing away.

Currently working on a big edit of my old novel (snow, madness, etc), and just killing the first draft of the new one (monsters, Scotland, etc). So I'm a happy guy!