New year, same monsters

2016 is off with a bang!

I read an old story of mine at Josie Long's Lost Treasures of the Black Heart  in December. It was a great crowd, and I should be reading there again within the next few months.

Christmas Day saw the long awaited publication of The Ossuary Tract as Stave IX of the Scaremongrel collection, available now in myriad forms through The Pigeonhole. I think it is one of my best, and I'm very happy to appear in such a high calibre collection. There is also a nice wee piece on my writing process,  and if you read the story using the pigeonhole app or browser, there are a few additional tidbits.

The Open Pen Anthology has headed off to the printers, including the first piece of work I had published (Haar), as well as a brand new piece called Laika

On a slightly different tack, I've been taking part in a podcast for the last year or so Adam Beech from The Lost Lighthouse, along with a few other friends. It is called Total Reroll, and can be found by searching for The Lost Lighthouse wherever you get your podcasts from. It consists of us playing Dungeons & Dragons and generally messing around, and is much more fun than that sounds. A recap of Season 1 is available, but Season 2 is a great point to jump aboard.

Aims for the year? More publications. More cool stuff. More multimedia content (other than endless pictures of me holding paper)