Highgate appears in the anthology STILL WORLDS TURNING from No Alibi Press.

The Once and Future Book won the FutureBook Future Fiction short story competition 2018, and appears in the Future Fiction anthology on The Pigeonhole.

The Blue Fox appears in Londnr Magazine ISSUE #0- ORIGINS.

An Act Of Faith was published in Issue 21 of OpenPen magazine.

Dryad, N4Vampyr, N6; Ghost, CR5and Coven, SW9  are four stories in a series of London Folklore pieces for Londnr.

The Ossuary Tract  novellette appeared as Stave IX of Scaremongrel, a horror collection from The Pigeonhole (as of June 2019 this is out of print, currently looking for a new home).

Haar was published in Issue 9 of OpenPen magazine and appears in the OpenPen Anthology along with a new piece, Laika- you can also read Laika at Minor Literatures.

Amir's Artisan Spiders was produced as a short video reading by OpenPen, filmed and edited by Adam Luria- you can watch it here.

Silva's Plague was published by Almond Press in their dystopian story collection Broken Worlds- also available on Amazon.

Water Birds  was published in the Transportation: Islands and Cities short story collection by Transportation Press available on AmazonWater Birds was also syndicated for publication on the website of Meanjin, one of Australia's oldest literary magazines. The short stories Buddha Machine and Slight delays on all services were published on the Transportation Press website.

Audiophile was one of the winners of BBC Radio 4's Opening Lines competition 2014, and was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 (read by Bryan Dick, produced by Gemma Jenkins). Audiophile has also been adapted into a short film by Emanuele Biasiol (currently touring festivals, but a preview can be found here).

The Boxing Dead appeared in Episode 3 of The Wireless Reader literary podcast.

A Prophesied Death features on The Lost Lighthouse.

The Bells of St Clement's9 dead 6 wounded, and Vertigo have all been performed by Liar's League London- check out the videos tab above to see them. The Bells of St Clement's was also performed at the inaugural Litcrawl London.

The Cursed Tomb: Red Desert, Dry Bones by myself, Adam Beech, Anthony Walsh, and Luke Allinson, is a book based on the transcript of a text-based Dungeons and Dragons game we played over six months, collected and printed as an epic fantasy adventure. It is very stupid, and a lot of fun.