Cracking the spine

It's been a productive time! Summer and heat have arrived in force, and I've been writing writing writing. I'm focusing on some long form pieces at the moment so all quiet temporarily on the short story front, but oh the long pieces, oh my. I've had a few research trips home to Scotland to help with this new novel- my notes are full of castle maps and ancient folk tales, and I can't wait to share the finished product. As for my novel Slow Light, some fun developments on that side, hopefully a lot more to come later. Just you wait and see. In the meantime-

I did a review of Tim Clare's book The Honours  for The Lost Lighthouse, hopefully the first of many contributions. We've also been continuing our Dungeons & Dragons podcast Total Reroll- we are almost 50 episodes in! Episode 24 is a good jumping on point. We should be wrapping that up soon, but starting a third season which we are all pretty excited about. 

The Open Pen Anthology was runner-up for best anthology at Saboteur Awards 2016 

Anything else? Well. I had filming for a yet to be announced video short story project, and some of my favourite stories I recorded audio for last year are going to be coming soon to a very cool platform. When details are finalised, I'll let you all know.





You cannot live by the printed page alone

It has arrived! Last night I read at one of the launch events for the Open Pen Anthology.  The book is here, it looks fantastic, and contains two of my pieces: Haar, which first appeared in Open Pen Magazine issue 9, and Laika, which has previously only been read live once at the December 2015 edition of Lost Treasures of the Black Heart and has never previously been printed! Check it out, it is a top collection with some really cool stuff in it. Pictures to follow shortly.

Other news? Scaremongrel is now available for KINDLE! Or it is still accessible through the ios Pigeonhole app

Writing a first draft of a new novel at the moment, sending the old one out to agents, and even getting the occasional short story in there. Iceberg-like, 9/10ths of the good stuff is yet to be seen...

New year, same monsters

2016 is off with a bang!

I read an old story of mine at Josie Long's Lost Treasures of the Black Heart  in December. It was a great crowd, and I should be reading there again within the next few months.

Christmas Day saw the long awaited publication of The Ossuary Tract as Stave IX of the Scaremongrel collection, available now in myriad forms through The Pigeonhole. I think it is one of my best, and I'm very happy to appear in such a high calibre collection. There is also a nice wee piece on my writing process,  and if you read the story using the pigeonhole app or browser, there are a few additional tidbits.

The Open Pen Anthology has headed off to the printers, including the first piece of work I had published (Haar), as well as a brand new piece called Laika

On a slightly different tack, I've been taking part in a podcast for the last year or so Adam Beech from The Lost Lighthouse, along with a few other friends. It is called Total Reroll, and can be found by searching for The Lost Lighthouse wherever you get your podcasts from. It consists of us playing Dungeons & Dragons and generally messing around, and is much more fun than that sounds. A recap of Season 1 is available, but Season 2 is a great point to jump aboard.

Aims for the year? More publications. More cool stuff. More multimedia content (other than endless pictures of me holding paper)

Scare Month


Two of my pieces will be appearing in the Open Pen Anthology- Haar, which Appeared a few years ago in Open Pen issue 9, and a brand new piece. Available for pre-order now.

Also, a horror story of mine will be appearing in  The Pigeonhole's Halloween horror collection Scaremongrel.

What else? Well... an interview with Open Pen magazine's editor Sean Preston, which you can find embedded amongst a few answers to questions from the lovely people at

July July July

What to say? It is busy, it is always busy, and that it good.

As mentioned previously, I was at Josie Long's Lost Treasures of the Black Heart up in Camden a few weeks ago- I read a short story called Highgate, currently unpublished elsewhere. The reaction was great, and it was a really fun night. I'll be there again in October, but check it out as soon as you can- it is always a good night. If you want to read Highgate, well, you can't! Not yet, anyway...

The piece for the horror anthology has finally pupated into its true form, and it is pretty weird. I am looking forward to seeing how people react, and there should be a launch party in October with readings and booze and whatnot organised by The Pigeonhole. If you haven't heard of them, they are the people currently causing a ruckus on the publishing scene. Lovely people.

What else? I'm filming a reading of an older, published piece of mine for a project that is still hush hush, but could be very fun. Got to get the accent out there, it is perhaps my only selling point.

Upcoming- got a submission deadline for an anthology I'm hopeful about in a few weeks, and the pieces are slowly coming together for novel number two. Novel number one is still languishing in the inboxes and postrooms of many, but it is time to start moving forward. This time, less insanity and weird structural devices, and more monster rampages.

Other things:

My mate Dave just published his debut novel Rickshaw which is funny and heartbreaking. Go read it.

You can hear me and some guys playing D&D (7 episodes now) over at The Lost Lighthouse.



Lost Treasures of the Black Heart/HORROR/Science

I read a piece of mine at Lost Treasures of the Black Heart on May 5th- it was great fun, and I'll be back again in July. For a night that is mainly comedy, everyone seemed happy enough with some depressing short fiction!

Also, got confirmation that I will be appearing in a Horror anthology in October. Further details to follow- its a really cool platform and I'm super excited. 

What else is going on? I passed my PhD viva, so I'm now Dr Green. Which is pretty cool, and means I might have a little bit more time for getting some writing done...

Hot sounds

It's hot in London, it feels like summer already. I've been busy with a new job, but hopefully will be getting along to some live lit events over the summer. 

I'll be reading a story next month at Lost Treasures of the Black Heart in Camden, May 5th- check it out, only £5 for a lot of comedians (and me reading something that will not be funny).

Word of the day: Zealot

What I am working on: Recording some audio for an upcoming collaboration, waiting to hear back on about a dozen submissions

What I'm listening to: Childish Gambino "3005"

What I'm reading: "Dance Dance Dance" by Haruki Murakami,  "Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair" by Pablo Neruda

What I'm playing: Metro 2033



A new day, a new website. So lets see how it goes? I may even post things on this blog, sometimes. Whenever I post something like this, I'll add in what I'm working on at the moment.

Word of the day: defenestrate

What I am working on: hunting agents, a scary short story, tidying up a sci-fi piece from a few months ago 

What I'm listening to: M.I.A "Bring The Noize"

What I'm reading: Beowulf, the Seamus Heaney translation from Faber and Faber