Audiophile Redux

What what what what what

Today is an exciting day. I'm heading to Oxford for the premiere of a short film based on my story Audiophile, which was one of the winners of BBC's Opening Lines competition a couple years back. Emanuele Biasiol has adapted the story, you can check out some pictures and a teaser trailer if you check out the 'Pictures' or 'Video' tabs on this site.

So hey that is exciting right? A bit surreal from my end.

The pilot podcast with Open Pen magazine- Pencast has had a lovely response- the official first episode is still percolating mainly due to some technical issues on my end, but we have a heap of interesting content so its a matter of 'when' rather than 'if'.

What else? Submitted to some competitions, submitted to some magazines. Written 2 of 3 urban fantasy stories for a commission by a cool website (more to be announced soon on that front). The writing is ongoing, there are the edits of the old book and the fresh additions to the new book and the new short stories and the old short stories. What else?

Book reviews: The Lost Lighthouse

Pop culture podcast: The Weekly Rapture

D&D podcast: Total Reroll

D&D text adventure: The Cursed Tomb


READING: This Is Memorial Device- David Keenan

LISTENING: Belle & Sebastian- Fold your hand child, you walk like a peasant